Chapter - In Which Richard Gets a Clue!

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As feared, I’d spent the night mostly awake, tossing and turning. I could not manage to shut my thoughts off. My mind was awhirl with what had happened over the last few days, and it was determined to review every moment in an attempt to make some sort of sense of it all.

Not everything is connected, not everything actually makes sense. This I know. But I’m a creature of logic and thought, and I’m always attempting to look for some significance in things that might not actually contain even a kernel of truth, let alone a dollup of logic. As for significance, well, it might be significant, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is related to what you think it is related to.

In other words, I was probably spinning my wheels. But still, most of how I came to figure things out in my job was by letting my subconscious mind do the actual thinking, and letting my body do what it could to keep me alive and save others who could possibly help me. Alas that the subconscious was currently intent on making the life of my body miserable.

My eyes were bloodshot and I looked a wreck by the time morning arrived. A bath, a shave and clean clothes hardly helped. I stared at the finished product in the mirror. Yeah, it was me. And with luck nothing of what was going on inside would show up on the outside. I had a pretty good game face, so long as you didn't know me all that well. Although the hollows under my red eyes might give anyone pause.

I wondered, as I prepared to head down for breakfast, how Richard had fared with his own search for answers. Had the notebooks he’d found in the gazebo helped? I hoped he'd at least gotten some sleep. Surely he’d have an idea or two, since the science that was driving the action was his sort of thing. His field, not mine. I got paid to figure out who was the bad guy, who we could trust and how to keep secrets safe. Oh and to figure out how to rescue the damsel I had so incompetently lost last night.

I opened the door of my room and involuntarily jumped. Richard was standing there in the doorway, a hand raised to knock on my door. He looked as startled as I did.

“I need to speak with you,” he began without preamble.

“Not even a bright comment regarding what a lovely morning it is?” I quipped to give myself time to recover.

He ignored my comment and just held one of the notebooks he'd found yesterday in the gazebo. In his other hand he clutched what appeared to be a handwritten letter,

I stepped back and motioned him to come on in. I’d have preferred to do this over a pot of tea or coffee but he didn't look like he wanted to wait. Besides, it was probably something sensitive enough we should speak in private at any rate.

He all but shoved me aside to come hurriedly into my room. He securely shut the door behind himself and took a deep breath once he'd done so. I noticed he was still wearing the same clothes he'd been in the night before. He hadn’t shaved, his eyes were more bloodshot than my own, and his hair was a rat’s nest as if he'd kept running his fingers through it to push it off his face.

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“Take a deep breath,” I advised him. “Explain things carefully and slowly as if you are speaking to a small child. I haven't had coffee yet.”

“This,” he said, waving the letter around again, “this is why I went to the authorities. This is why Mallister contacted you. This is why I asked specifically for you,” he explained. “This is why I insisted we come here in person and that Mallister not just use his assets already in place here.”

“All right,” I replied doing my best to sound soothing and agreeable, as his voice had just an edge of hysteria rather than merely excitement in it. “Tell me more. And let me read the damn letter.”

“It was sent by Harry,” he replied, his voice tight. “I received it the day before I rushed to London to talk to Mallister. It is why I went to Mallister first, before coming here on my own.”

Hmmm. I was unaware he had