In Europe:



Julian Vaurien - AKA Julian Vyse -  Julian Lysander Valkanas - AKA Flavius Claudius Julianus, Emperor

Shamanistic mage and recovering emperor.  Born in Constantinople when it was the capitol of the Roman Empire in the 4th Century C.E.

Married to Nimue, Lady of the Lake, and they are expecting a child.  They reside concurrently at Nimue's mansion in England and Julian's villa in the south of France at Villefranche sur Mer

Has a horse named Invictus, a dragon named Puff, and two sprites about somewhere named Scylla and Charybdis


Lisandro Patricio - AKA Lis

Julian's son by a former lover. Lis and his father are not close, as Lis knew nothing of Julian until his  mother died.  Magical although he doesn't work at it.

Spencer Smythe - US citizen who won a scholarship to Oxford.  He ended up stranded in Paris and applied for the job of personal assistant to one Julian Vaurien.

Just your average brainiac with an interest in libraries, mainly Julian's and Nimue's.

Currently residing at Julian's villa at Villefranche sur Mer, France on the Riviera



Adrian (Ian) Blakesley, Lord Avery. 

Ceremonial Magician head of the Crimson Rose and Ansate Cross, a magical society in Britain.

Resides in his house in London on New Park Lane, or at his country estate in Wiltshire. In love with Betty Jo Dubois


Adele.jpg Lady Adele Celestine Blakesley

Daughter of Ian, witch in her own right.  Born in Victorian England but brought forward through time by Julian Vaurien to the dismay of her father. Graduate of the Sorbonne and the University of Florence, Italy.

Was living with Alexander Goldanias but recently broke up with him and is currently residing in Julian's Paris townhouse just off the Quai de Montebello.

Edwards, Ian's valet and fixer of all things broken
Nyree - An Indian Hindu. Widowed in the 1870s and meant for suttee, until Trevor Raine (aka Trevor St Cyr) tried to rescue her whereupon Julian Vaurien interfered (the thing he is best at) and saved her. He took her to England and brought her forward in time.

Now sharing the townhouse in Paris with Adele.

  Carmine Abrizzi, Vampire Prince of Italy


Resides primarily at Villa Medici in Fiesole, Italia (near Firenze) but also has a villa in Venezia and in Amalfi

Has a dragon named Nicki, and a spirt dog named Mario

Niccolo Tieri - Grand Mage to the Prince of Italy

Nicco is an eternal child. Carmine was asked to take him to an orphanage in the 1600s.  Instead he took him home.  He's looked about 8 years old for centuries. Nicco is a very powerful mage and his appearance leads many to underestimate him.

Is bonded to a dragon named Carmie


A shapeshifter, were-bear. Loyal to Carmine of  Italy and Nicco's constant companion.


Carmine of Italy's successor


Carmine's chief of security

Mirela Fedeles - Vampire Prince of Austria and Romania

She was consort and successor to Hans, previous Prince of Austria etal.

Kalysta - Grand Mage (he hopes) to Piotr, Vampire Prince of Hungary
Jakob Ritter - Newly installed Vampire Prince of Germany. Goes to bed with weapons since Carmine offed one of his successors and arranged the death of a secnd.

Francesca Tomasi - vampire, concert violinist. what's not to like?
Zak, djinn

Has a problem with folks enslaving his people. You don't wanna make him mad.

Currently Grand Mage to Thanos, Vampire Prince of Greece.

No girlfriend, which is kinda amazing really

Tsura Sutcliffe

Rom who is now happily married to Lord Basil Sutcliffe. They reside in London and he's been working at getting her pregnant.

Zsofia Barisha - lover of Vassily, Prince of the Balkans.  Hot Property. Vassily's got his hands full.
 Livinia Scott (Liv) Inspector with INTERPOL who specializes in International Art Theft.  Resides in Istanbul, where she grew up, child of English diplomats.

Currently making the Vampire Princes of Turkey and Greece quite crazy.

  In Space:


Marc Siolastre - aka Abaddon, aka Angel of the Abyss. Currrently partnered with Dinah Siolastre and running around the Rim or popping back to the Refuge as the spirit takes him. 

Borrowing Aaru, a living space ship.

His Dragon: Cola

Do not piss him off.


Zaf - Companion to Jack McGee aboard the living space ship Ther'lin

Beyond that not much is known, other than he's bad trouble to the bone.

Anja Anton - trained as warrior monk. Shagging Laz.  Her dragon is Snow.
Azael - Fallen Angel, (?)  or Alien who likes trouble. Aaru is his bondmate but he's loaned it to Marc and Dinah.  At the moment he entertains himself playing poker wtih St Michael,  Prince Carmine and whoever else they can rope in for a game.



 Chola - formerly head of security for the Syndicate on Sutta, now on the run.
Dara Darroch.  Member Weru'Ster magician, warrior

Dragon = Aja


Darin Darroch MemberWeru'Ster, mage, dreamer, brainiac

Dragon= Rolf

Dermot Darroch - Eldest son House Weru'Ster

Dragon = Goldie

Ingev - altered human from Wolf 359.  Buddy of Azael's and boyfriend (or so she thinks) Piloting Aaru for Marc and Dinah
Kalket - half Tanu, half Firvulag, aboard Aaru.

Dragon =

Lev Nazarov - Awakened. Was with Mossad and fought for Israel's independence. Now hunted by Mossad. Seeing Dia.
Maximus - Buddy of Julian. Magician and Healer. Aboard Aaru
Paxx Palandjian - Member Guild of Traders and tight with the mysterious Margassans. But also does deals with the Syndicate and COBRA.  More or less friends with Chola. Sort of.



Reno - Marc's minion - does a bit of everything. Aboard Aaru. Main squeeze is Mellie

In the US:


Irisa Diamond - Married to Sebastian Cassidy. Live at the Refuge and handles Interstellar Relations for The Refuge and House Siol'Sere
trev-2small.jpg Trevor St Cyr AKA Trevor Raine.

Chief of Security for The Refuge. Recently divorced and not handling it very well

Hari  Shahiya - urchin from Bombay that Trevor hooked up with back in the 1870s. Now a student at Oxford in current time. He summers at the Refuge.
Buffy AKA Elizabeth Anne Summers - chief of security for Ashley Jacobs, principal for Mid-Atlantic Region.

Awakened. May or may not have once been a vamp killer from Sunnydale.

Dating Chase Callahan.

Eliot Holmes-Jackson - Mage, principal for New England. Has a  Weasel named Wanda for his spirit guide.

Boston Brahman. His looks are deceptive.

Etienne Davignon - currently a spirit - formerly a mage who pissed off the wrong people. He's working on payback
Guy Wolfe - half human half demon and chosen of the god Agni. Currently a PhD sutdent at MIT but working at Descalora on a couple of projects.
Harrison  - successor to Phoenix in the Rockies. Flirt, silly bugger, and generally quite deadly when he wnats to be.
Kiril Raven, principal of the Pac NW - Half Russian, half Tklingit. His totem is a raven as  is his spirit guide - Called Trickster.


Leroy Saunders - former LRPD, now Awakened and working for the Zoo.  In love with Billie Jo Dubois.



 Lynne Winters, Awakened Vampire.  In love with Ashley Jacobs and recently having given him a child, Anders.  Also has a Maine Coon called Erwin Schroedinger, who intends to eat Ash's squirrel spirit guide, Chester.



Elijan (Matt) Matkovich - Reporter, PhD holder in internatioanl relations, but he likes reporting and tends to go back to it.



Raimundo (Rai) Vidal - Earth Kin Prefers mountains and long vistas.
Simon Baptiste - Thief, Awakened, generally in trouble, and in love with Bobbie Jo Dubois
Sydney Watson - historian, assistant professor at NYU, dating and maybe living with by now, Adam Pierson.

Has a dog named Sugar

Sugar - Rottie rescued during a robbery in Istanbul  Owned, more or less, by Syd and Adam