The Assembler

Chapter 40 - All's Well and All That - Well, Sort Of...

Jean G Hontz

@copyright 2009 all rights reserved

The wedding, a double one held at the Hollis-Reynolds estate, might not have been entirely conventional, but it was full of laughter and joy.

As promised, Cyril’s father already doted on Margot, and he and Septimus had become fast friends. Ned, now Sir Benedict Black, much to his consternation, had found the arrangements at Bletchley Park adequate. He and Emmie had a spacious cottage complete with servants to worry about the mundane side of life so Ned could concentrate on creating wonders, and Emmie could study pots to her heart’s content.

Richard Ainsworth was installed in a nearby cottage, with his own laboratory. His father was still missing, presumed dead by the authorities. Richard suspected otherwise. Even so, he was doing his best to dismiss the man from his thoughts entirely. If he minded being a bit less than fully trusted, it wasn't apparent.

Abigail Black was not mourning the death of Lord Silver. She’d been delighted when she heard Ned would marry Emiline Hollis-Reynolds, and had made a splash of color at the wedding. She agreed to visit them at their new digs often, but insisted on living her own life, and not becoming a burden to the newly-weds. What she didn't tell them of, was the private conversation she'd had with Lord Mallister, the Prince and Kevyn Rory.

As for Chief Inspector Kevyn Rory, he and Sergeant Lumm been seconded to the Palace. He reported directly to Lord Laurence Mallister, or occasionally to the Prince himself. He’d even had a talk with the Queen, who’d decided she ‘liked the boy.’ Poor Kevyn was trying to understand exactly what that meant. He already knew it wasn’t necessarily a good thing. This lesson came soon after the comment was made, when he found himself roused from a warm comfortable bed and ordered to report forthwith to the Governor-General of Egypt. It seemed the Crown needed his particular services there immediately.

Well, Rory thought, as he rushed to the airship the government had ordered to wait just for him, it was unlikely he’d have to be dealing with a couple of mad alchemists there. Or was it?

As for Nathan Ainsworth, he stepped off an airship in Casablanca, carrying a considerable fortune in diamonds in his moneybelt. He decided, looking around, the city and the country would be quite adequate for his purposes. And besides, he knew exactly how to reach out to Richard the moment he was ready.


The End

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